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Tablets get in the game at Toy Fair 2012

Robert S. Anthony | Feb. 22, 2012
If the colorful iPad add-ons shown at Toy Fair 2012 were any indication, your well-worn work companion will never get a moment's rest again. Game makers have surrendered: If they can't beat the iPad, they can join it with nifty add-ons and just have some fun.

Side ports on the Laptab allow for the addition of USB-based accessories and removable memory cards. A company representative said the Laptab would ship with a Wi-Fi adapter, a Word-compatible word processor, and other Microsoft Office-compatible apps that would make it a reasonable low-cost choice for homework and other educational purposes.

The appearance of so many youth-oriented tablets and tablet accessories at Toy Fair 2012 is backed up by recent Nielsen Co. research that found that 70 percent of tablet-owning families with children under 12 said their kids used the tablets themselves. Within this group, 77 percent of the children played downloaded games, 57 percent used them for educational purposes, and 55 percent used tablets to keep themselves amused while traveling.

With Apple reportedly on the cusp of announcing a new iPad, the there's at least one answer to the question of what to do with your old iPad: Hand it down--and get it ready for peanut butter smudges.


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