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Tablets in 2012: What to expect

Melissa J. Perenson | Dec. 9, 2011
As tablets move into their adolescence, what changes will we see?

When it comes to complete end-to-end compatibility for data, apps, and peripherals, nothing compares to what a Windows device can offer. That’s a significant advantage over Android and iOS that Windows tablets should be able to exploit. Tablets running Windows 8 could address the twin troubles of file handling and app compatibility across devices, since you will be able to run the same software on a tablet as you will on a Metro-capable PC.

We still don't have a ship date for Windows 8, but we've heard rumblings about tablets running the OS coming as soon as summer 2012 (Nokia's head of French operations has alluded to that date). At the very least, Windows 8 tablets with less-expensive ARM CPUs are sure to shake up the tablet status quo.

Apple Tablets

Finally, with Apple having just released iOS 5.0, we don't expect a lot of innovation or announcements surrounding the iOS operating system and how it plays with the iPad 3. Those announcements will likely stay under wraps until closer to midyear, when Apple holds its Worldwide Developers Conference (the date has not yet been set, but it is rumored to be in June). Along the same lines, news of the rumored next Android OS, code-named Jelly Bean, will have to wait for confirmation at the Google I/O conference in April.


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