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The 5 surprising things to know about smart glasses

Mike Elgan | June 19, 2017
The nexus of augmented reality and smart glass hardware is a powerful combination.

As I wore Glass around Tuscany, the effect was not like "using" a translation app. It felt like I could read Italian. And it was an amazing feeling.


4. The real impact of smart glasses will be in the enterprise

Whenever people talk about smart glasses, they assume the conversation is all about consumers walking around watching YouTube clips and seeing text messages through their prescription glasses or sunglasses. (Emirates, for example, envisions passengers using smart glasses to navigate through airports. _

Consumer use is coming. But the real impact will be in the enterprise. Entire industries from manufacturing to transportation to healthcare and many others are already leading the way. In fact, it's hard to think of any industry or profession that won't benefit from this kind of prosthetic knowledge.

And it's because of the coming ubiquity of smart glasses in the enterprise that...


5. ...Smart glasses will be the second most transformative tech over the next 25 years

While autonomous cars and trucks will be the top most transformative tech, augmented reality smart glasses -- and the prosthetic knowledge they provide -- will deliver a boost to any industry where knowledge is a competitive factor.

Augmented reality smart glasses will enable companies to bolster training and knowledge programmatically, by which I mean they'll be able to upgrade the "knowledge" of tens of thousands of workers using a five-minute update in a database. The net effect of this knowledge upgrade for the entire enterprise workforce will be comparable to the PC and mobile computing transformation of the past 50 years.

So as you read about augmented reality over the next few years, understand where it's going: straight into smart glasses to power enterprise applications that will transform the world.


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