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The best timekeeping iOS apps

Brian Beam | April 22, 2014
As someone who runs a freelance consulting business, it's important to track my time accurately so that I can bill my clients properly, and there just so happens to be a plethora of standalone timekeeping apps available for iOS.

Top contenders

TimeSheet Pro

Like TimeWerks Pro, Appxy's $2 TimeSheet Pro lets you can track clients, projects and tasks. You can assign an hourly rate to each task, but TimeSheet Pro does this a bit differently in that each project contains its own set of tasks and rates. So, for example, if you have a common task of "Copy Editing" that you use among all your projects, you must set up that task in every one of them separately. While I prefer the way TimeWerks makes a common list of tasks available to all your projects, I understand why some may prefer TimeSheet Pro's method.

While both apps let you enter time manually or via a timer, I prefer the way TimeSheet Pro will display multiple timers on a single screen, with each connected to a different project and task. You can then easily start and stop timers throughout the day from a single screen and, when finished, add a consolidated time entry to each project. This is very handy for people who spread their time among many projects throughout the day.

Creating an invoice is fairly easy, but requires a little more effort than TimeWerks since you need to drill down into each task category rather than choosing billable items from a single list of entries. You can include a logo on your invoice, but its shape must be square-ish or else it will get distorted. Otherwise, the PDF invoice it produces looks just fine.

The app provides simple built-in reports that TimeWerks lacks, although they're limited to pie charts categorized by time, hours, amount, and project. Unfortunately, there's no option to export your data for offline analysis.

Timesheet Pro is a universal app with an iPad-enhanced display. However, if you work between an iPhone and iPad, the app isn't very conducive to keeping your data in sync between them. While it's possible to backup and restore your data via direct Wi-Fi connection — a nice protection against a lost or broken device — that's not a practical solution for working among multiple devices. If that's a deal breaker, then TimeWerks Pro is your better bet.

Hours Keeper Pro

Hours Keeper Pro is a $6 universal timekeeping app by the same developer of TimeSheet Pro. The app has a very clean and simple-to-use interface. Like the other two apps, you can record time either by using the timer or entering it manually. The app can generate some basic reports, but it also lets you export your data so that you can use it offline, if you want. You can also produce simple invoices that can be output as PDF files. You can also sync your data among devices via Dropbox, which is extremely handy and works very well.


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