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The Internet of Things: Coming to a network near you

Bob Violino | April 23, 2013
How IT needs to get ready for the next wave of connected devices.

If everything has the potential to provide some type of data stream, companies will need technologies to manage, store and analyze the data. While some organizations might be able to leverage existing information management tools, many will need to bring in new technologies designed to handle the real-time and large-scale nature of the IoT.

Recent IT trends such as the move to the cloud and implementations of big data and analytics will likely come into play with the IoT, experts say.

"Are you going to procure cloud services for hooking up these things to the corporate network?" LeHong says. "And it's not just questions about the cloud, but about end-point management and architecture. Let's say you have a jet engine or a pump in an oil field that can produce a terabyte of information per day. That's a lot of data."

From an architectural standpoint, IT and operations will need to decide whether to store that data on site, in the cloud or in a corporate data store.

Looking ahead to the next few years, growth of the IoT will probably be greatest in areas such as inventory tracking and supply chain management, Castro says. But given the way technology is developing, it's likely that the IoT will be pervasive in many aspects of business.


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