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The Macalope: Everything's coming up BlackBerry!

The Macalope | March 5, 2014
You have to admire the wide-eyed optimism of anyone predicting that BlackBerry's due for a turnaround, particularly at Apple's expense.

So, investors can expect BlackBerry to gain enterprise market share from Apple in the future, making it a better investment.

Provably false facts lead to laughable conclusions. That's Seeking Alpha's tag line, isn't it?

The exposé regarding Apple's security flaw could lead users to switch away from its devices. The company is already finding it difficult to record revenue growth.

Un ... like ... Black ... Berry?

What is this the Macalope is reading? Is it performance art? Well, it's clearly performance art of some kind, the only question is whether or not it's intentional.

Singh goes on and on like this, repeating the same contention over and over, as if it will become less laughable through repetition.

The enterprise sphere was probably Apple's golden chance, however, numerous security failures indicate that the company is destined to lose market share to BlackBerry in the future.


Organizations will soon realize that BlackBerry's security is better than Apple, and will start switching back.

OK, back up to what the Macalope said up top. Why is iOS popular in the enterprise? Because it's the most secure of the modern mobile operating systems and has a robust ecosystem. Even if you believe Singh's BLACKBERRY HAS NO SECURITY FLAWS line, it's still a non-starter in the enterprise because its ecosystem is ... well, to be perfectly blunt, it doesn't have an ecosystem.

Although BlackBerry's shares have taken a pounding over the last few years, it looks ripe for a turnaround.

It sure looks ripe, all right.


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