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The most expensive iOS in-app purchases

David Price | June 24, 2013
Warn your kids (and your bank manager) about these incredibly costly IAPs in iPhone apps and games.

(We've been playing the sequel, Gun Bros 2, incidentally, to see if there are any similar bargains. But the costliest we've seen so far is a pair of pistols called Sharkettes, which are worth about £252.)

1. Diamond Chisel - Curiosity - What's inside the Cube? (£47,000)
Curiosity - What's Inside The Cube?

Peter Molyneux, the legendary game designer whose glorious, wayward ideas are the subject of a nice Twitter parody account, most recently expressed his unique vision for gaming in the form of Curiosity - What's inside the Cube?, an iOS game/social experiment/ingenious extended marketing stunt.

Lots of people pointed out that the free app really just involved clicking pixels on the surface of a black cube, but they still queued up to play nonetheless. It was based on the oldest narrative device in the book: unlocking a mystery. Each layer of pixels removed by the participants revealed something new, and right at the inside lay the final secret, which Molyneux promised would be a life-changing experience for the first person to see it.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, given that Molyneux had said the game was "a test about the psychology of monetisation", there were in-app purchases. And one of them was as far we're aware the most expensive bonus item yet seen in an iOS app. The diamond chisel, which increased the player's tapping strength by a factor of 100,000, cost an astonishing three billion in-game coins, which translates to £47,000.

The lucky winner made it through to the core a few weeks ago (cruelly, we hear that the triumphant individual had only started taking part the day before). The life-changing reward? To be the god figure in Molyneux's next game, deciding how it plays out and how the world develops. And, we think, getting some cash too. Hopefully enough to pay for a few diamond chisels.

"The reward is the friends you made along the way!"


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