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The rise of 'app only' organisations and other tech-fuelled disruptions

Divina Paredes | Aug. 6, 2015
Digitalisation is impacting all organisations and prompting CIOs, CTOs and CMOs to work more closely than ever.


"Every business has to be a real-time enterprise. They need to interconnect all their systems so they could get a more unified view of the customer," says Shantanu Narayen, President and CEO, Adobe, on a top issue facing all organisations today.

"We are swimming in these devices and data and more people are connected to the internet through something other than a computer as their primary device," he says. "All of us need to stretch our ideas on what it means to focus on this customer experience."

Markets no longer operate in silos, says Narayen at the 2015 Adobe Symposium in Sydney.

"We are in the era where your product is actually marketing," he states. "How do we deliver that right digital experience to the right person at the right time?"

He says traditionally, marketers were given a product and their job was to market it. The questions they sought to answer were how they shall position the product, deliver the brand message and allocate media spend.

"But I think the new question is, are we thinking broadly enough about what this product truly is? How can I bring the power of digital marketing not just into market a product but actually creating a product?"

He says other companies such as retail, travel and other services industries have known for quite a time that the product is marketing.

"The service they deliver is synonymous with the brand, and it is not what they sell, it is how they sell that makes them stand out from the competition. It is how they bring that entire experience together."

He says businesses that have operated in the digital realm, like WhatsApp and Uber, understand that the mobile app is their business, and the product is the marketing.

"We have to find brand new ways of communicating with our customers by extending the definition of our product," he states. "The customer expectation for personalisation is increasing the bar for all marketers, and it keeps on rising."

Going digital
"We're seeing a fundamental shift in the role marketing is playing in business strategies as today's marketers redefine fundamental concepts of marketing," says Paul Robson, president, of Adobe Asia Pacific.

Robson says the conference is the biggest digital marketing conference in the southern hemisphere.

He says 300 people attended the conference in 2012, and they were mainly marketing professionals.

Three years later, the attendees included CIOs, CTOs and those holding emerging roles in such as chief digital officer and customer journey manager.

"The greatest increase in the role in this event is the CTO and CIO, we are seeing more IT people join the audience."


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