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The rise of 'app only' organisations and other tech-fuelled disruptions

Divina Paredes | Aug. 6, 2015
Digitalisation is impacting all organisations and prompting CIOs, CTOs and CMOs to work more closely than ever.

"Marketing is changing the role of how the business strategy is put together," he says.

He says the region is increasingly disrupted by technology, and changing the way people live -- from the way a taxi is booked to making a restaurant reservation.

In Asia, for instance, he points to the rise of 'app only' organisations.

These are businesses building their model around mobile, and engaging their products and customers on mobile-only devices.

"Consumers are literally bypassing the PC and exist only on tablets and smartphones," he states.

"With much disruption, it is easy to get caught out and be confused on where to start this journey," says Robson.

"We are no longer looking at the future for digital, we are in the era of digital," he states.

The great disruptor
Brad Rencher, senior vice president and general manager, digital marketing, Adobe, says in the digital era, consumer behaviour is getting more complex and fragmented.

"Experience defines the brand today and tomorrow and why marketing must go beyond marketing," he states.

"Gone are the days when marketers come up with a great idea, a unique proposition and broadcast it and change behaviours," he states. "Digital is everywhere and technology is changing the definition of marketing."

If someone is opening their hotel door with their phone, is this marketing or is it the product or is it something else?

This change is happening across industries, whether bank, retail, university, government or media.

"The new digital reality is bringing massive transformation," he adds.

"The experience your customer has with you, that is the brand of your organisation and the gauge of your success."

Enterprises need to pivot, and these include members of the C-suite -- CIOs, COOs and even board members must focus on this as well.

When it comes to customer experience, he says, "marketing is no longer one department among many...It really is the epicentre of this transformation."

Consumers today have more opportunities than ever to interact with brands.

They expect instant access to instant information with the ability to buy whatever product or service they want, whenever, wherever and however they want in a secure and privacy compliant way.

They want their experiences to be consistent and continuous, the two words that he says are the most important when describing customer expectation.

Consistent means not asking the consumer to reintroduce or provide his or her details every time they interact with the brand. Continuous means having great experience mashups that are nonlinear in device and location.

"How are we making sure there is continuous experience in bridging the digital and analogue world?"

He points to mobile as the great disruptor that is moving experience beyond the desktop to what is in their pocket, wrist, wall or the car.


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