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The two-browser strategy for Windows 10, at least for now

Scott M. Fulton, III | Jan. 23, 2015
Microsoft demoed a new Windows 10 browser on Wednesday.

If Microsoft chooses to ship only Spartan with Windows 10, it could change the options for apps development dramatically. In addition to so-called "Universal apps," which are rendered slightly differently on phones than on tablets and PCs, it's foreseeable that Spartan could be used as a platform for HTML5 apps. Microsoft already has, after all, a new just-in-time compiler technology for JavaScript, borrowing architectural elements from the .NET Framework. If HTML5 apps are elevated to a prominent position alongside Windows 10 native apps (both WinRT and .NET), then Spartan becomes a key competitor against Google Chrome for the position of caretaker of the Web as a platform.


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