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This CEO role is equivalent to getting an MBA on the job: NZTech chair

Divina Paredes | Oct. 17, 2014
"You can't work for any business and get this level of opportunity, whether it is in public service or the private sector," says Bennett Medary, on the NZTech CEO role that will be vacated end of this month

The chair of NZTech, Bennett Medary, is calling on his colleagues in ICT to help in the search for the next CEO of the industry association.

"We want our industry to put forward some of their very best talents selflessly," says Medary, who is the founder and chair of Kiwi tech company, SimplHealth.

He points out getting the right person to lead the organisation is important "in order to advance things that are important to us all".

Current NZTech CEO Candace Kinser is leaving at the end of October, and the organisation is accepting applications for the role until the end of this month.

Medary says the next NZTech CEO would be like getting an MBA on the job and an "experience that no one else can have".

"After three years, you can choose any career outcome in government and board roles, and companies."

The CEO role involves acting as spokesperson for the sector at events and in media, leading business mission trips overseas, creating opportunities for members to network and connect, working with businesses and educational institutions to help increase interest in technology and to grow the talent for sector, and working with government officials to influence positive policy outcomes for the industry.

"You can't work for any business and get this level of opportunity, whether it is in public service or the private sector," says Medary.

So what type of applicants is NZTech looking for?

"Builders, integrators and collaborators," says Medary.

The role will not be one of an administrator. "They can't just go and focus on one thing," he states. "They need to bring people together to pursue a powerful vision and deliver those incremental gains, execute and deliver progress, month on month, quarter per quarter, year on year.

"They will be contributing hugely to the advance of the industry. It is quite well paid, and their reward is the opportunities they will be presented along the way.

"What it is not is a retirement job," he says.

He foresees it as a three-year job, but this is not legislated or is a fixed contract.

NZTech has produced a video explaining the role.

Medary says the video has been sent to their contacts across the globe, as Kiwis overseas may also be interested in the role.

NZTech was established six years ago, and is now entering its "third phase", says Medary.

The first was the "founding phase" with Brett O'Riley, who as inaugural CEO had "established the brand out there as NZICT". O'Riley is now Chief Executive at Auckland Tourism, Events & Economic Development (ATEED).

Candace Kinser was hired for the next phase, says Medary, which was around "establishing breadth and depth through the programs of work". It was also during this time that the organisation was renamed NZTech.


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