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Ticketek and Carsales extend partnership with Hostworks

Patrick Budmar | May 21, 2013
Ticketek and have announced that they will extend their hosting arrangements with Hostworks.

Australian e-commerce websites Ticketek and have announced that they will extend their hosting arrangements with Hostworks.

Tiketek joined Hostworks in 2005 while Carsales came onboard in 2007, and Hostworks technology, strategy and innovation general manager, Adrian Britton, said both organisations have grown "significantly" over that time.

"Both sites value their online brand and now hold the position of leaders in their space," he said.

Britton said both companies continue to use Hostworks as their provider because of its experience and reliability

"We look at both organisations as quite technically savvy, so they work well with the services that we provide for their customers," he said.

Britton said Ticketek handles the sale of a lot of tickets in a short amount of time, so they rely on Hostworks to process all of those orders.

Carsales, on the other hand, are active in the mobile space and provide advanced applications on that platform.

"Carsales is evolving their business model constantly," Britton said.

Ticket to ride
Tiketek's busiest period is when it hosts popular events that result in high ticket sales, commonly referred to as "hot shows."

"In those periods, we work with them during that period to elevate the level of service they provide," Britton said.

Not only does Hostworks increase the "skill set on the floor," such as providing additional engineers and service personnel to manage the web site, but the provider also increases the size of the infrastructure used for web site to cater for the increased production load.

Since Carsales is heavily focused on the mobile space, Britton said the challenge is to take a catalogue that is been traditionally delivered on web sites and providing it on a myriad of other endpoints.

"We work with Carsales to ensure mobile and web delivery is optimised to give the best user experience," he said.


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