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Top 10 tips for Windows 10

Woody Leonhard | Oct. 7, 2014
You need to know these behind-the-scenes tricks to get the most out of the current Windows Technical Preview.

You can add a new account in PC Settings (Start --> PC Settings --> Users and accounts --> Other users). If you're clever and know the trick when you first set up Windows 10, you can use the same approach. When the prompt comes up to enter a Microsoft Account, choose Create a New Account. Then at the bottom, click the link to Sign in without a Microsoft account (not recommended). Click Local Account -- Microsoft really wants you to link to a Microsoft account -- then fill in your Local account details and click Next, then Finish.

The downside to using a Local account? You won't be logged in to OneDrive, Mail, Metro Music, or any of the other online accoutrement.

Tip 10: Learn how to sign out
Windows 8.1 gave you the option to easily lock your computer or sign out the current user. Click on the Power Off button on the Windows 10 Start menu, and you only have choices to Sleep, Shut down, or Restart.

Richard Hay at Windows Observer made an interesting discovery. He found that if you click on your username -- to the left of the power off button -- you have a Windows 8.1-style opportunity to lock or sign out of your machine.

Stupid Windows tricks
There's a bunch of Stupid Windows 10 Tricks running around -- stuff that you probably won't want to try unless you have a lot of extra time on your hands and you're tired of cracking iCloud.

You can drop the Start menu and bring back the Metro Start screen (WinSupersite), change the color of the Start menu (Neowin), see the names of new preview builds, without being able to access them (Neowin), or hide the search button on the taskbar, although you can't get rid of the hole that the button occupies (How To Geek).

Do you have a favorite Windows 10 trick? Head to the comments section below and tell me all about it.


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