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UK lad is youngest ever Microsoft Certified Professional at five years

Antony Savvas | Nov. 19, 2014
Like father, like son. A five-ear-old boy peered over his father's shoulder to learn the ins and outs of Microsoft's OS.

A five-year-old boy from Coventry has become the youngest ever Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP).

Ayan Qureshi took the same Microsoft tests as IT pros after previously settting up his own computer network at home. The boy, who has now turned six, has a father who is an IT consultant.

Father Asim introduced his son to computers when he was just three years old, allowing him play with his old computers, and discovered his son had a good memory after being told what to do with them.

Asim told the Coventry Telegraph: "From a very early age he used to watch me on the computer. He used to sit beside me and watch very carefully. He started playing with the computer and using all my spare hardware."

Initially, after arriving to take the Microsoft exam at Birmingham City University, the examiners were concerned that he was too young to take the tests, but father Asim reassured them that he would be fine.

The family moved to England from Pakistan in 2009. Ayan says he wants to start his own computer company when he grows up.

The previous youngest Microsoft Certified Professional was Pakistan's Mehroz Yawar, who passed the exam while aged six and a half.


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