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Pencil Banner condenses emailed subscriptions into digests

Liane Cassavoy | Jan. 8, 2013
More and more email services are tackling the problem of email overload. One of the latest is, which attempts to organize your inbox by tidying up the mess left by all of those subscriptions most of us receive. has plenty of promise, but this free beta service remains a bit rough around the edges.

I do like how's site lets you edit your Rollup, though. When I hover over the message, I can decide to enter "Edit mode." From there, I can either choose to unsubscribe from this message delivery or opt to have it sent straight to my inbox, instead. is similar in many ways to Sanebox, a $5-per-month service that cleans up your inbox to display only the messages it thinks you need to see right now. While is free, Sanebox justifies its higher price by offering additional features, such as the ability to sort your less-important messages into a variety of folders, such as an archive, a folder to view later, and a folder specifically for newsletters. Sanebox also makes it easier to find the messages you want when you decide it's time to view them. does have promise. Its design is slick and its aesthetics are appealing. But until it makes it easier to access the messages I do want when I want them, isn't saving me as much time as it should.


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