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Valentine's-related traffic spikes cause heartache for ill-prepared sites

Colin Neagle | Feb. 14, 2012
With the last-minute Valentine's Day shoppers increasingly turning to the Internet to make up for lost time, e-commerce companies are doing everything they can to stand out from the pack. However, some sites inevitably fall victim to the problems that result from this rise in demand.

"The complexity behind it all, in being able to see through all this to find problems and figure out where they are, is astronomical," Robinson Schoeller says.

A survey of IT decision makers conducted by BlueStripe software found that 64% of respondents manage applications that support seven or more technologies. In comparison, just 20% claimed their applications support five to seven technologies, while 16% reported fewer than five. As a result, the most common challenge, as cited by 61% of respondents, was trying to pinpoint the source of the problems.

The ability to find and resolve application issues has put more value on APM tools. Swarovski, for example, was able to identify the problems dragging down its importance -- a 10-second process for logging and confirming customer orders -- and subsequently witnessed a 30% decrease in wait time, Neubacher says.

As more businesses move toward e-commerce, the ability to monitor and manage Web-based applications will no longer be an advantage, but a necessity, Robinson Schoeller says.

"If you look at 10 years ago, very little business in comparison was done on the Internet," she says. "Now the Internet is just a complete way of life, and it's a matter of survival for businesses to make sure they have the absolute best performance that they can provide."


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