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Virtual reality is incredible, but that doesn't mean you should buy a Rift or Vive yet

Hayden Dingman | April 18, 2016
Virtual reality is still an expensive first-generation product, with kinks and software support to work out.

That’s a small group, though. Despite all you’ve undoubtedly read about virtual reality in the last three years, despite the fact the technology is now available to consumers, there’s a piece of me that cautions you to wait. See where this is going. Ride the wave a little while longer.

Not out of malice. Not because I don’t believe in the technology. Not because I haven’t fallen in love with virtual reality and the various experiences I’ve taken part in—Painting in three dimensions! Looking a whale in the eye! Floating in the Apollo 11 lunar module!

I feel the opposite, really. I expect VR to take off, and I expect crazy things to happen in the next two or three years. Virtual reality is finally here, but it’s only “complete” insofar as someone finally put some components in a box and said “ship it.”

Which means we’re just getting started.


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