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Walking the SDS talk: HP Malaysia

AvantiKumar | Jan. 25, 2013
HP refines its storage offerings with a 'Polymorphic Simplicity' approach that also brings enterprise level benefits to mid-market organisations.

Justin & Janice - HP Malaysia Storage

Photo - (from left) Janice Chang, Product Manager, Storage Division, HP Malaysia ; and Justin Yeap, Solutions Architect, Storage Division, HP Malaysia.


HP Malaysia's new  'Polymorphic Simplicity' approach and new solutions shows that it is an industry leader, which is at the forefront of the SDS - or software defined storage  - infrastructure framework, said the technology solutions giant.

Executives from HP Malaysia's storage division recently held a briefing to clarify the global announcements made during its HP Discover event in Frankfurt Germany, December 2012. HP Malaysia storage division product manager Janice Chang said the new infrastructure announcement included three simplified products: HP 3PAR StoreServ 7000 Storage, HP StoreAll Storage, and HP StoreOnce Backup."

"This new approach and simplified solutions would help to bring clarity to what has become a divergent and complex storage infrastructure scenario for most enterprises that are struggling to cope with sometimes more than 10 architectures," said Chang.

She said the new solutions, which are now available in Malaysia, would also bring more affordability to the midrange sector of the market. "As mid-market organisations take up new application and service delivery models such as virtualisation and cloud computing, their need for high-end storage availability together with effortless management and efficiency has never been greater."

"However, budget constraints are forcing mid-sized IT departments to compromise advanced capabilities for price, risking data availability and creating management complexities," said Chang. "HP 3PAR StoreServ Storage sets a new standard for storage in virtual and IT-as-a-Service environments with high-end resiliency and quality-of-service enhancements to the HP 3PAR Operating System Software."

"The newest addition to the portfolio is HP 3PAR StoreServ 7000 Storage, which for the first time, brings Tier 1 storage availability and performance for under US$40,000," she said. "The 3PAR StoreServ 7000 also features an all-SSD (solid state disk) configuration, capable of hundreds of thousands of input/outputs per second (IOPS) with very low latency for performance and response-time sensitive applications. Bringing enterprise-class resiliency to this price point enables HP to go after a US$11 billion external disk system segment that is growing at more than 7.7 percent but has been underserved by legacy offerings to date."

Maintaining enterprise level SLAs to mid-market

HP Malaysia solutions architect, storage division, Justin Yeap, said HP used to have many different models in the same category. "HP now offers a simplified set of solutions underpinned by our converged approach. For 2013, this is the most significant announcement from the storage division."

"The announcement of HP's new simplified storage environment to our customers in Malaysia has met with very positive reactions," said Yeap. "Local customers have already embarked on similar journeys and they are looking for cost savings to their infrastructure especially in banking, government, manufacturing and telco sectors."

"Secondly, customers across all industry sectors in Malaysia welcomed the SLAs [service level agreements] that spread enterprise level guaranteed quality of performance to the mid sector," he said. "Globally, we attracted more than 1200 new customers during 2012, and as per the quarter four, FY12 results, HP sustained strong performance of 3PAR that was close to 60 percent growth worldwide."

"Enterprise-class backup and recovery is also extended across the entire HP StoreOnce portfolio," said Yeap. "This is the industry's only backup and recovery solution with federated deduplication, eliminates these challenges by using a single technology to deduplicate data only once. Deduplicated data can then be easily and efficiently replicated from remote sites and between data centres."

"The refreshed portfolio includes new HP StoreOnce 2000 and 4000 Backup models that deliver up to 2.5 times faster native performance, and with the support of HP StoreOnce Catalyst, increases up to three times faster performance over previous generations. The addition of these new models to the portfolio extends HP StoreOnce information protection to small and mid-sized businesses," he said.

 Ready for Big Data

"Customers are using more and more storage, and all the collected information is relevant and requires instant intelligent contextual search and extraction," said Yeap. "With the rise of big data fuelled by digital content, mobile growth and compliance requirements, many organisations are struggling to retain unstructured data while ensuring rapid accessibility long term. As a result, organisations are experiencing capacity, performance and scalability issues with traditional network attached storage (NAS) systems."

"HP StoreAll Storage brings real-time intelligence to Big Data retention and cloud storage customers with a hyperscalable platform, which dramatically accelerates analysis, simplifies archiving, and consolidates object and file-based data," he said.

"This solution offers converged object and file storage services in a hyperscalable platform, which grows to accommodate up to 16 petabytes (PB) of data," said Yeap. "This new system supports billions of objects and files in a single name space, providing clients with a platform to manage big data retention and cloud storage needs without extra administrators or additional hardware."

"HP StoreAll Storage also improves total cost of ownership (TCO) with cost-efficient capacity and policy-based tiering that balances cost and performance," he said. "Its scale-out architecture enables clients to provision storage capacity based on today's need and seamlessly expand to meet future capacity requirements."

"The platform includes HP StoreAll Express Query, a breakthrough embedded metadata database technology created by HP Labs, the company's central research arm, that allows organisations to locate files and perform file system analytics up to 100,000 times faster than previous file system search methods," said Yeap. "Now, clients can search petabytes of data in seconds and minutes versus days so they can quickly and easily transform data into valuable information that facilitates informed business decisions."

"HP StoreAll Express Query can be used standalone or in conjunction with big data retention and analytic applications, enabling clients to react to business-critical data in real time," he said. "In addition, HP StoreAll Express Query IDOL connector integrates with HP Autonomy Intelligent Data Operating Layer (IDOL) to streamline the processing of dynamic content across large data sets."

"HP StoreAll Storage reduces administration complexity and lowers TCO by consolidating file and object storage onto a single platform managed by a single interface," said Yeap. "This hyperscale storage platform is one of the only systems that supports both object and file storage concurrently at more than 1,000 storage nodes within a single capacity pool."

"HP is in a strong position to take advantage of the US$11 billion market opportunity for tier-1 storage in the mid-range (WW) as per the IDC Worldwide Quarterly Disk Systems Tracker, quarter two, 2012," added HP Malaysia's Chang.


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