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Want to build an app? Consider these 7 points first

Joseph Fieber | Feb. 8, 2012
Apps can be useful for internal use by your company, or as a way to collaborate with clients, vendors, customers, and the public. Before deciding to develop an app for your business, though, take these considerations into account.

5. Coding

Developing your app in HTML5 rather than for individual mobile operating systems will generally make it easier to implement on multiple platforms. Using native code for each platform can improve performance, better integrate with built-in features, and use standard interface elements for a more familiar appearance. Which is more important for your needs--ease of implementation or performance and appearance?

6. Testing

Developing an app involves not only writing the code but also testing it, which is critical for internal and B2B usage. Consider if you have the time and people required to properly test and debug the app, especially if developing for multiple platforms. This factor alone may determine if you narrow your choice of platforms or go with an off-the-shelf solution.

7. Support

Your business may be set up to support internal tech support needs, but if you release an app for B2B or public use, your support needs expand. Consider how you will support customers, clients, and public users who seek help. Adding help-desk software, such as VMWare’s recently released, which ties into Twitter and Facebook, is one way to accomplish this.


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