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We are evolving, rather than doing something different: Oracle

Sathya Mithra Ashok | July 14, 2014
There are not many people who understand Oracle, and its presence in NZ, as well as Robert Gosling does. With over 22 years at Oracle under his belt, the current MD of Oracle NZ took over the role for the second time over roughly ten months back. In this interview he discusses Oracle's move into new solution areas, such as mobile, and what this means for customers and partners.

Q: What are the three biggest trends that you see affecting ICT investment in the region? (This could include everything from technology to purchasing behaviour and changing perceptions) What are the trends that are likely to have a disruptive effect in the A/NZ region in the next couple of years?

RG: I've already touched on that to some extent. The three biggest trends would have to be the drive by customers to simplify their IT infrastructures and cut costs, Cloud, and then it is probably a toss up between mobile and Big Data. All this is going to have a disruptive effect over the next few years as companies seek how they can harness these technologies cost effectively for their business and tie them in to their existing infrastructures.

Big Data especially offers an amazing opportunity to companies who can use it wisely to give them a far better insight into customers and their business operations. In addition, New Zealand is an acknowledged hotbed for innovation. So disruption will not only come from how companies are deploying these new solutions for their own advantage, but also from innovations that come out of our universities and innovation hubs.

Q: How is Oracle likely to change, both globally and locally, in order to ride these trends better and remain relevant to enterprises and SMEs alike?

RG: Oracle is evolving rather than doing something different. What this means is that over the years we've taken our product portfolio and moved it on, first for the age of the Internet, then the Cloud and now for the connected world/Internet of things.

We are doing this by bringing new products to market that can really help customers make a difference in their business, whether that is around more cloud solutions at both the front and back end of their business, or innovations around our database product, such as in-memory to help them become a real time enterprise. So rather than change, you will see us doing more of what we are already doing, which is being more focused on the customer, helping them more to drive out complexity and cost from their IT systems, so they can transform and innovate.


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