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What every Safari user should know

Christopher Breen | June 28, 2013
Some Safari tips and tricks.

Now, when you want to view all the pages in that folder, just click on it. The pages within will open in separate tabs.

Odds and ends
If you'd like to see where a particular link will take you, choose View > Show Status Bar. A gray bar will appear at the bottom of Safari windows. Hover your cursor over a link, and its associated address will appear in the status bar.

You can open certain file types in Safari simply by dragging them to the Safari icon in the Dock. For example, drop an image file on top of the Safari icon, and it will open in a Safari window or tab. This works similarly with plain-text files, PDF documents, and many movie and audio files.

If a website won't work because it requires a browser other than Safari, you can trick that site into cooperating with your browser. Choose Safari > Preferences, select the Advanced tab, and enable the Show Develop menu in menu bar option. As requested, a Develop menu will appear. When you encounter one of these stubborn sites, choose Develop > User Agent. You'll see a list of browser names. Choose one that's likely to be compatible—Internet Explorer 8, for example, and then reload the page by pressing Command-R. With luck, the site will let you in, believing you're using one of its "approved" browsers.


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