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What to do (and not to do) when traveling overseas with Apple gear

Serenity Caldwell | Aug. 1, 2013
Want to bring your Apple stuff with when you visit another country? Macworld associate editor Serenity Caldwell shows you how to minimize the ensuing aggravation.

Along with a DSLR, we brought along Apple's Camera Connection Kit to offload our images each day to the iPad. This kept us from having to bring too many SD cards, gave us instant backups to both our iPad and Dropbox, and allowed us to reflect on each day at its close.

Bonus tip: If you plan to upload to Dropbox, make sure you have a good, solid Wi-Fi connection, and expect the upload to take a few hours, given the size of your DSLR's images.

Do: Label and secure everything
Whenever you travel to a foreign city or country, keeping you and your gadgets safe should be priority number one. Pickpockets and thieves are everywhere, for sure, but they're more likely to prey on easy targets in touristy areas. We were lucky and smart enough to avoid losing any gadgets on our trip, largely by following these common-sense rules:

Keep your iPad in a nondescript bag: Satchels, dingy purses, anything that doesn't shout "laptop bag" will help thieves pass you over for more appealing targets.

Carry your iPhone in your front pocket: Back pockets are easy to filch from. Front pockets, less so. Even better, keep your iPhone in your bag or a zipped jacket pocket.

Label your gadgets: If you lose your device, make sure it has your contact information and instructions for returning it—in multiple languages, if necessary.

We added our contact info by making custom iPhone and iPad lock-screen wallpaper. You can also do this via your Mac, or use a free app like Overgram or Phonto.

I also put contact info stickers on my camera and SD cards, and left READ ME.txt files on the SD cards.


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