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What's still to come from Apple this fall

Dan Frakes and Dan Moren | Oct. 1, 2013
Apple's had a busy September, but many people are expecting a lot more from the company this fall. Which of those expectations are realistic?


Long-time Apple watchers know that the fall season usually brings a bountiful harvest of new and updated products from the company. Indeed, just two short weeks in September have ushered in new iPhones, iOS 7, a new version of iTunes, a modest bump to the iMac line, a nice update to the Apple TV software, and several minor changes to the company's product lineup including iPhone docks and even new iPod colors. But we didn't see lots of stuff in September that many had hoped for, and the rumor mill is churning away (as usual) about all the things Apple supposedly still has up its sleeve for the fall.

What else should we expect from Apple in 2013? Here's a look at some of the popular predictions out there, along with just how likely we think they are to appear.

A new full-size iPad
It's been a year since Apple introduced a brand new full-size iPad. (Granted, that was only six months after the previous model.) That's been enough time for the company's competitors to show off their own new gear, and Microsoft, Google, and Amazon have all obliged. Now it's time for Apple to weigh in.

If the supply-chain leaks are as solid here as they were with the iPhone, bet on a full-size iPad that's taken on much of the iPad mini's styling, with a thinner bezel on the longer sides and perhaps even different back colors. (Space Gray, anyone?) Also, some version of Apple's speedy new 64-bit A7 chip is likely to make its way inside, along with some camera improvements—and it wouldn't be entirely crazy to see the Touch ID fingerprint scanner, which debuted with the iPhone 5s, make an appearance. (We're already spoiled, as unlocking our current iPads by tapping out a passcode feels like a chore.) Really, only one question remains: Will it come in gold?

Chances: Bet on it. (The new iPad, that is. Gold? Not so much.)

A new iPad mini
The iPad mini has, by all indications, been a popular product for Cupertino, and we've no reason to think that the company won't be rolling out a new version of the diminutive tablet just in time for the holiday shopping season. One big head-scratcher, though, is whether or not the 7.9-incher will boast a Retina display. Reasons against? A high-resolution display costs more to manufacture, and it requires a lot of horsepower to drive it—and those horses have a healthy appetite for battery power. But consider the reasons for: The iPad mini is the last iOS device in Apple's lineup without a Retina display, and iOS 7 practically cries out for such a higher-resolution display.


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