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What's still to come from Apple this fall

Dan Frakes and Dan Moren | Oct. 1, 2013
Apple's had a busy September, but many people are expecting a lot more from the company this fall. Which of those expectations are realistic?

Chances: 75 percent. But speaking of something different ...

An actual Apple TV. As in, a TV from Apple.
Some people—some very stubborn, persistent people—have been predicting for years that Apple is going to debut its own TV set ... any day now. And they've been wrong so many times that it would be easy to shrug this idea off as just as crazy as ever.

Except that when you take into account comments from Apple leadership over the past couple years, along with rumored content negotiations with movie studios and TV networks, Apple does seem to be doing something more with television than updating the current Apple TV. Maybe it's an actual TV, maybe it's a set-top box that takes the place of your cable box, who knows? The only thing that's certain is that these rumors don't sound quite as crazy as they did a few years back.

Plus, it almost feels like we're playing Apple Rumor Russian Roulette here, and you can dodge the bullet for only so long.

Chances: Let's say 20 percent. For now.

An Apple smartwatch
Ummm, no. This one seems to be 2013's hot Apple rumor, but it won't be Holiday 2013's hot Apple product. There's a slight chance—a really teeny, tiny chance— that Apple might toss out a tease about this being "an interesting market," but releasing an actual product? Even the people perpetually predicting an Apple TV aren't putting their necks out on this one.

Chances: Sorry, what part of "Ummm, no" wasn't clear?

An iPhone 5c price drop

"Bowing to pressure from analysts, pundits, and budget-minded consumers, Apple has conceded that it was wrong to price the iPhone 5c starting at $99, and will instead give customers $100 (after rebate and with a two-year contract) to use the phone."

Chances you will ever see that lead in a news article: What's the phrase about a snowball's chance in hell?


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