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Who killed First Meta CEO Autumn Radtke?

Zafar Anjum | March 7, 2014
Many observers and readers are not able to reconcile to the fact that a pretty and young high-achiever like Radtke could take her own life.

Going down with Bitcoin?



After the Mt. Gox episode that busted the Bitcoin business (an estimated $500 million worth of virtual currency was lost by Tokyo-based Mt. Gox), it might have seemed end of the road for many who had banked on bitcoins, including Radtke.

In this light, some are linking her death to the troubles with the digital currency. If the Mt Gox hacking had not happened, would Radtke still be alive?

The problem with this assumption is that Radtke was found dead on 26 February whereas Mt. Gox filed for bankruptcy protection in Tokyo District Court on 28 February only. If Radtke committed suicide (just a conjecture at this point), did she know of any of the troubles with Mt. Gox (besides the loss of value of the Bitcoins)?

Again, this is doubtful because, as noted by a report, "though First Meta acts as a virtual currency exchange, Bitcoins make up only a fraction of the firm's overall business."

"Even if [Radtke] did commit suicide, how do we know it had anything to do with Bitcoin's troubles? We don't. And for the record, suicide is rarely the result of any single cause," wrote Slate.

The Reuters report, however, mentions friends of Radtke who held that she was a huge fan of Bitcoin and had invested in it personally. One of her friends said 'she had persuaded friends to invest as well. Her Facebook page includes several links to bitcoin stories, mostly celebrating last year's rise in value'.

"It would be naive to think it (ups and downs of Bitcoin) didn't have a role (in her death)," said one friend (as quoted in the report). Others contested any role the virtual currency had in her death, the report caviled.

At the moment, there are more questions than there are answers. We will have to wait for the final police report on this matter to establish the truth behind Radtke's death. Meanwhile, we can only pray for the peace of her soul.



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