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Why Microsoft and Dell should team up on tablets

Tony Bradley | Feb. 7, 2013
Dell is in the process of buying back its shares to become a privately held company once again. Microsoft helped facilitate Dell's $24.4 billion deal, with a $2 billion investment that makes the two tech giants partners of sorts. This is either the last gasp of desperation for PCs as we know it, or a sign that Dell and Microsoft still have innovative tricks up their proverbial sleeves.

Other industry observers disagree that the two companies should team up on something like the Surface. Nevertheless, Dell has tried a variety of tablet concepts, but none have been as compelling or innovative as the Microsoft Surface tablets. With access to Dell's intellectual property, supply chain, and distribution channels, new models could go from concept to market much faster, and Dell with Microsoft could bring Surface tablets to the masses at a more affordable price.

We'll have to wait until the new private Dell is official, and even then only time will tell, but the Dell-Microsoft union has a lot of potential to help both companies reinvent themselves.


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