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Why Microsoft could let AppContainer take over Windows

David K. Johnson | June 26, 2013
The UI that overlies AppContainer is pretty much the thing that makes Windows a desktop OS. What would it mean if the OS running on desktops weren't a desktop OS?

In other words, if Microsoft could see enough applications for AppContainer to make a Windows device valuable and desirable without the Windows desktop, it could strip out the Modern UI and probably get out from under the audit controls that currently apply to the PC. Incidentally, the corporate PC experience could get a serious boost.

This would be brave self-disruption on Microsoft's part. AppContainer, the technology driving Microsoft's tablet experience, slides in alongside competitors Apple and Google. But embracing it to the point of dumping the desktop environment is serious, because even as Microsoft must forge a relationship of delight and happiness with users of that tablet experience, it must not alienate its enterprise IT customers and internal influencers like Configuration Manager admins.

It's a delicate balancing act. I'm looking forward to watching the story unfold and finding out just how long this Tupperware called AppContainer can save Microsoft's bacon.


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