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Why you need to get social

Rodney Byfield | Oct. 4, 2013
Your business can no longer afford to ignore social media.

Don't believe me? Search Google for the latest Smartphone versus PC sales statistics. You will see smart phones have already outsold PCs some years ago. Tablets may well be the death of them. Nevertheless, PC sales are dropping by double digits every year.

It's about you too
This is not just a marketing issue, it needs IT involvement. There are so many benefits here for a switched on IT department that's willing to mobilise and simplify tools and information. The learning curve for the workforce is largely removed because they are already using similar platforms.

Social media requires constant attention and refocus. Many businesses are still trying to cope with this side of the cause and affect associated with being in this arena. There are plenty of apps and vendors around that can help with social media management platforms.

Plan information for your audience
One thing to watch out for is what I call "social momentum syndrome" or SMS. This is where an organisation feels that putting up any information is good enough for the sake of momentum. Guess what? It's not. Useless information for the sake of engagement on Twitter is still useless information.

Some companies — and people for that matter — have a really bad case of SMS. They're not worth following.

So why include social media as a business strategy? It's hard to quantify the exact return but with social media you can reach large audiences at a very low cost as often as you like. This will give your organisation another medium to promote and target information to your staff and customers.

I understand there could be a risk that the effort invested in monitoring and responding to social sentiment may outweigh the immediate benefits.

However, I have no doubt that the future of many businesses could be determined before they realise they have an issue with social media.

Largely at this stage, it's about changing or modifying social sentiment. Get used to it -- your customers expect it. It's time to go fishing.


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