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Why you shouldn't punish employees who goof off

Rob Enderle | Feb. 13, 2013
Employees who buy stuff online aren't slackers. Step back and look at the contributions they make outside normal business hours (whether at home or at their desk) before you watch them like a hawk, make them sign a timesheet and restrict their Internet habits.

In today's connected world, the only thing that's really important is whether and employee is worth what he or she is being paid and behaving within the ethical construct the company and industry requires. Some employee monitoring is necessary, of course, as some activities clearly can't be allowed on company grounds. However, getting too invasive will break the productivity advantages you're likely taking for granted and drive away those who are the most productive. Since IT is often the first budget to be cut in a downturn, preventing a decision that would drive a downturn is in your best interest.

Rob Enderle is president and principal analyst of the Enderle Group. Previously, he was the Senior Research Fellow for Forrester Research and the Giga Information Group. Prior to that he worked for IBM and held positions in Internal Audit, Competitive Analysis, Marketing, Finance and Security. Currently, Enderle writes on emerging technology, security and Linux for a variety of publications and appears on national news TV shows.


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