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Will your next smartphone offer frills over fundamentals?

Matt Hamblen | Aug. 1, 2013
Six years after the first iPhone, the pace of big innovations in smartphones is leveling off.

Marketing campaigns and big, splashy smartphone launches can have an impact on customer satisfaction. Apple has long held a reputation for high quality and stylish iPhones that are depicted as such in TV ads and other marketing. "Because they haven't had an iPhone lately, Apple has retooled its latest commercials so they are more about loyalty to Apple, with a focus more on developing a relationship with the customer, rather than the latest, greatest iPhone feature," VanAmberg said.

Generally, customers in the ASCI ratings do tend to like the bells and whistles and little tweaks and innovations in smartphones, but are still more impressed with the basics overall. "What's more important to customers is more fundamental: Is it easy to navigate; does it have a good battery; is it durable; does it have the right screen size; is it good at making calls and of nice quality?

"Customers will say that it's nice to have the latest features, but more weight is put on getting the fundamentals right," VanAmberg said. "We already have such a high level with smartphones that we are going to see more incremental changes over time."


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