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Windows 10 superguide: Everything you need to know

Brad Chacos | Aug. 3, 2015
Learn all about Windows 10's free upgrade, killer new features, and availability.

Perhaps you want to dig even further into Windows 10's highlight new features. PCWorld's guides to Windows 10's Edge browser, revolutionary DirectX 12 graphics technology, Task View virtual desktops, Windows Hello biometric authentication, and the Cortana digital assistant explore every nook and cranny of those capabilities. There's even a new Windows 10 Edition of Minecraft in the Windows Store, though be warned: It's not the same as the desktop PC version of Minecraft.

Let's take a quick moment to talk about Windows Hello and Cortana a bit more. Both of the powerful new features deeply add to the usability and overall experience of Windows 10, but they demand a lot of your personal info in order to do so. Windows Hello requires special hardware that isn't found on many PCs, however, and you can disable Cortana if you have privacy concerns. But if you don't mind using Cortana, Satechi's $23 Cortana Bluetooth button can free the assistant from your desktop by plopping her in your car or kitchen countertop. And you'll definitely want to ask Cortana these 50-plus easter egg questions for some hilarious answers.

We've published a few more granular tips pieces as well, mostly revolving around specific pain points for the operating system. We've explained how to disable Windows 10's contentious Wi-Fi Sense password sharing feature, and how to play DVDs in Windows 10 now that Windows Media Center is dead. Uninstalling programs is a little different--and a lot better--in Windows 10, too.

Microsoft's decision to force updates on Windows 10 Home users has caused the brandishing of pitchforks. There's help: our guides to scheduling Windows 10 updates and labeling Wi-Fi connections as metered can force Windows to let you download updates at your own pace. Microsoft's also released a tool that allows you to permanently block bad updates that bork your system.

Oh, and we've also published a guide that teaches you how to use per-monitor display scaling to perfect your Windows 10 experience on a setup using multiple monitors of varying resolutions. 4K monitors are only getting cheaper, after all, and who doesn't like to rock as many screens as possible?

Windows 10 holdouts
Not everyone is jumping with joy over the idea of upgrading to Windows 10, however.

There are plenty of valid reasons why you might not want to upgrade to Windows 10--not least of which is how the operating system continues Windows 8's ploy to tie you to Microsoft's online services. And for as awesome as Windows 10 is, it isn't perfect, with some niggling issues still hanging around.


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