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Windows 10 Technical Preview: The consumer goodies we expect to see next

Mark Hachman | Oct. 3, 2014
The current preview is all about making businesses happy, but Microsoft hasn’t forgotten about the user on the street. Look for news about Cortana, Internet Explorer and more, probably at the Consumer Electronics Show.

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Those of you installing or planning to install the Windows 10 Technical Preview are eventually going to wonder: You know, this is great for business users, but what's in it for me?

Expect Microsoft to begin answering that question in 2015. If the rumors are true, that means three big things: Cortana, notifications, and Internet Explorer 12.

That's because for now, Microsoft is trying to win businesses back. Microsoft executives said several times during the launch of Windows 10 that the company's first priority was taking Windows 10 on the road to enterprise customers. According to Joe Belfiore, the corporate vice president of the operating systems group at Microsoft, businesses have pushed back, saying the Live Tiles of Windows 8 required too much training. In part, that's why that Live Tiles are now simply an add-on to Windows 10's Start menu, rather than an in-your-face element of the entire operating system.

Granted, what Microsoft has shown off so far in Windows 10 applies equally to businesses and home users alike. The Start menu isn't an overtly pro-business element, and neither are the windowed apps, virtual desktops, or the nifty Snap Assist tools. That would be like saying mouse support is strictly for businesses.

But there's definitely more coming.

According to Terry Myerson, Belfiore's boss and the executive in charge of operating systems at Microsoft, "early next year" Microsoft will begin talking about the "delight" Windows 10 will bring to end users, specifically consumers. In April, Microsoft will continue the story, laying out its developer plans. By mid-2015, Microsoft hopes, the company will launch Windows 10.  

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to guess that Microsoft will probably lay out its consumer plans for Windows 10 at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, where it previously launched the Surface tablet. The only hitch in that plan is that in years past, Microsoft's Bill Gates or Steve Ballmer would headline CES with a keynote address. So far, the only keynote speaker scheduled is Samsung chief executive  Boo-Keun Yoon.

Assuming Microsoft does plan a January, consumer-focused update to Windows 10, what could it include?

Notifications: Notifications have become part and parcel of most mobile operating systems, including Windows Phone, so it's likely they'll arrive on Windows 10 as well. Microsoft's Belfiore has a team of developers working on "core" technologies underlying Windows Phone and Windows 10, and notifications are surely part of the package.

When you think about it, Outlook has popped up a "notification" about an upcoming appointment for years. The new notification center would apparently streamline such alerts and tuck them into a corner of your screen.


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