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Windows 8 Update: 256GB Surface Pro coming to U.S. for $1,199

Tim Greene | July 3, 2013
Also: Buying Microsoft Surface in bulk, luring ISVs to rewrite established business apps for Windows 8

But as the AppsForSurface effort shows, the 100,000 applications in the Windows store don't have the mix Microsoft wants.

More popular than Vista
Windows 8 is now the third most used desktop operating system, behind only Windows 7 and Windows XP. It has surpassed Windows Vista and is within a few percentages of beating out all the OS X versions as measured by Web analytics firm Net Applications.With 5.1% of Web traffic attributed to Windows 8, it is still considerably behind Windows 7, with 44.37%, and Windows XP, with 37.17%.

The combination of OS X 10, OS X 10.6 and OS X 10.7 accounts for 6.63%.

Windows 8 runs on Xbox One
At the Microsoft Build 2013 developers' conference last week, Microsoft Vice President Steve Guggenheimer let drop that if they want to write games for Xbox One, developers can just write them for Windows 8.

Why? Because Xbox One includes a Windows 8 core as well as a gaming core. That should make for some creative Xbox One apps.


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