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Yahoo, Mindshare report: 84% of smartphone users in Malaysia click on mobile ads

AvantiKumar | Dec. 11, 2014
A phenomenal 91% of the surveyed users in Malaysia also use their mobile devices for conducting pre-purchase research, which is a paradigm shift, according to the study.

Deepika Nikhilender - Mindshare 

Photo - Deepika Nikhilender, Leader - Business Planning, Mindshare Asia Pacific

Yahoo and media company Mindshare's join report - 'Creating Brand Connections across Devices' - shows that 84 percent of smartphone users in Malaysia click on mobile ads while 91 percent of the surveyed users use their mobile devices for conducting pre-purchase research.

"Malaysia is seeing a rapid growth of mobile usage, with the average user owning more than one mobile device and spending around 6.5 hours a day across devices," said David Jeffs, Yahoo's head of Insights, India & Southeast Asia.

The Malaysia findings follow the release of Singapore study ('70 percent of Singaporeans choose to click on mobile ads: Yahoo-Mindshare study') on behaviour across smartphones, tablets, and PCs, which will help brand marketers to make more informed decisions when devising cross-device marketing campaigns, said Jeffs.

He said the top five uses for mobile devices, according to the respondents are:
a) Staying in touch: 68 percent
b) As a morning ritual: 68 percent
c) Leisure activity: 66 percent
d) Catch up on news: 63 percent
e) Information on the go: 57 percent


David Jeffs - Yahoo

Photo - David Jeffs, Head of Insights, Yahoo India & Southeast Asia.

"These findings show that brands have a great opportunity to connect with their target audiences, as consumers tend to be open and receptive during these mobile device usage occasions," said Jeffs, adding that the top uses for mobile reported were communication and content consumption followed by entertainment and gaming.

 The importance of mobility

Deepika Nikhilender, leader, Business Planning, Mindshare Asia Pacific, said, "Today brands need to optimise their campaigns keeping in view mobility and cross-device engagement." 

A phenomenal 91 percent of the surveyed users use their mobile devices for conducting pre-purchase research. This implies a paradigm shift in terms of information flow, showing that users are actively engaging with brands on their mobile devices even before buying the product, said the report.

Other findings were that Malaysians were keen readers of breaking news, followed by local/national and international news. Female users tend to prefer content on travel, popular stories and fashion, whereas male users preferences' leaned towards sports and business news. On average, Malaysian smartphone users followed more than six different content genres every day.

The interest in video content on mobile was popular, noted the report. Preference was for short three-to-five minute videos in the morning with longer material in the evening. Almost a third (31 percent) of users said they watched at least one video on their smartphones of more than 20 minutes in length. Women users said they preferred health and beauty videos while men consumed more sports and automotive video.

Gaming, chatting/IM [internet messaging] and video calling were the most popular smartphone activity via apps among Malaysia users.

The 'ídeal' mobile ad

According to the respondents, their use of smartphones was consistent throughout the day with the 'prime time' of 8pm to 11pm, which included 'device-stacking' (using multiple screens) with PC and tablets. Prime time habits include IM/chatting, games, social networking, and reading content.

Pre-purchase on mobile devices was reported by more than 90 percent of respondents primarily on consumer electronic products followed by researching on fashion (clothes and shoes) and financial services (both 84 percent) and 76 percent on food & beverages.

Mobile devices were increasingly being used in the entire consumer journey of the brand especially in the path to purchase i.e. from pre-purchase to in-store and post purchase:
a) 90 percent users researched about Consumer Electronics before the actual purchase
b) 87 percent did in-store purchase like researching, comparing prices, checking availability of consumer electronics
c) 64 percent continue to engage with a brand after the purchase, with activities like sharing photos/ video of the product they bought, recommendations, writing a review etc.

M-commerce seems on the rise with 83 percent for banking transactions and 84 percent for making some form of online purchase. In addition, as noted 84 percent of respondents click on mobile ads and expect:
a) Promotions/ discount coupons: 57 percent
b) Rewards via ad interactions: 37 percent
c) Find nearest store related to the ad: 33 percent
d) Teach something new: 31 percent
e) Be fun/ provide a short break: 22 percent

"Users want mobile advertising to be relevant to the way they use the devices," said Mindshare's Nikhilender. "The smart device is playing a key role in the path to purchase in a consumer journey. Brands need to evolve creative and innovative strategies to leverage this phenomenon and change behaviour, as this device grows in its influence in the last mile."

This year's Yahoo-Mindshare study covered Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan, while last year's covered India, Indonesia and China.


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