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Yahoo ups cool quotient with Twitter content

Caitlin McGarry | May 17, 2013
Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer continues her dramatic overhaul of the Internet-defining company by partnering with Twitter to display tweets in Yahoo’s news feed on desktops and smartphones.

Terrorist attacks. Presidential elections. Celebrity deaths. When big news breaks, we turn to Twitter for up-to-the-second updates. Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer knows that, which is why the Web company struck a partnership with Twitter to display newsy tweets on the site's homepage.

Yahoo didn't specify which newsmakers or publications would be featured in its news feed.

"The initial list of content sources was editorially curated for relevance and quality, but the tweets shown on the homepage have been algorithmically selected," a Yahoo spokesperson said. "The pool of eligible tweets is further filtered to minimize spam and undesirable content."

Yahoo gave ABC News as an example of an organization whose tweets will be featured--obviously, because the two companies have been content partners since 2011.

In a Thursday blog post, Mayer said the news feed "will seamlessly include relevant and personalized tweets alongside stories from Yahoo and our other sources."

The feed will presumably include tweets from sources you don't already follow and suggest you start following them, based on your interests.

Don't expect just newsy tweets: Mayer said sports and entertainment tweets will also be included in the feed. (It's rare, but sometimes there are such things as slow news days.)

Mayer's mobile push
Mayer clearly understands that Yahoo needs to get hip to the times. Since taking the reins last year, the CEO has made waves by snapping up start-ups, making big workplace changes, kicking up Yahoo's mobile presence--which was severely lacking--and revamping the site's interface.

Mobile continues to be a major priority for Yahoo. The company made headlines by acquiring Summly, whose 17-year-old CEO joined Yahoo to help develop its mobile presence. Yahoo in last month rolled out itsnew iOS app, which incorporates Summly's synopsis technology for mobile news stories. Yahoo has acquired four more mobile start-ups this month alone to develop its mobile team.

And if a recent job posting is any indication, Yahoo plans to radically overhaul its Flickr iOS app, possibly to ramp up competition against other mobile-driven photography apps like Instagram and Snapseed.

The Twitter partnership is part of that mobile push; tweets will appear in smartphone news feeds and on desktops over the next few days.


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