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You can have your Caddy and charge it, too: Cruising with the 2014 ELR hybrid

John Brandon | Aug. 7, 2014
It should be enough to make you want to hug a tree.

Surprisingly, the range did increase to about 43 miles. After spending five hours charging up the ELR, and increasing the range by driving smart, we finally depleted the battery.

There's some question about whether anyone buying a car for $75,000 would do any of this. Gas prices are astronomical, but who has five hours to charge a car? It makes more sense if you drive less than 40 miles round-trip in an urban setting each day. Or if you have a 220-volt charger installed in your garage. Or if you really want to save the planet and hug trees.

For me, the Volt is a better buy at $34,170 (minus a federal tax credit of up to $7,500), has about the same EV range, and even felt a little sportier for urban driving. The RemoteLink app I used to check EV charge level requires the OnStar service, free for three years, and then $20 per month. My nephew enjoyed the movie and the pizza; I still spent a lot on gas.


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