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2017 IT forecast: Budgets will rebound

Sharon Florentine | Dec. 16, 2016
TEKsystems 2017 IT forecast shows IT budgets rebounding from a slump in 2016 and IT leaders' confidence is high going into the new year. But some challenges will persist.

Some skills still hard to find

Programming and software development continue to be among the most crucial and hard-to-find IT skill sets, according to the research, with 42 percent of respondents saying these roles are the most critical for success in 2017 and are the most difficult to find, followed by networking (29 percent) and security talent (28 percent). Project managers, too, are in huge demand and essential for continued success, according to 32 percent of respondents.

"Once again, programmers and developers top the list of the hardest-to-find and most critical talent, but don't ignore that security, networking and data integration are also crucial. Nobody wants to be in the news as the victim of the latest data breach, but just as important, every organization needs to know how to get the most value out of the huge streams of data they're collecting so they can continue to innovate and deliver greater customer value," Hayman says.

Salaries continue to rise

As organizations struggle to hire and retain this talent, many are pushing salaries for programmers and developers even higher, the research shows. Hayman says that trend shows no signs of slowing, as long as organizations continue to spend on technology. But some are looking for other ways to fill critical talent gaps, such as outsourcing or using a contingent workforce.

"There's not enough talent, and businesses can only continue to raise salaries so far. They have to create a good employee value proposition, too, that includes career growth and development, purposeful, meaningful work and exciting new projects. Some organizations also are using contractors and contingent workforces through the gig economy to fill these talent gaps," Hayman says, while others are leaning more on partners and outside solution providers to share responsibility for IT projects and initiatives.

While challenges remain, overall it seems the future outlook for 2017 is bright and IT leaders have every reason to be confident.


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