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30 Years a Sysadmin

Sandra Henry-Stocker | Oct. 1, 2015
Looking back after spending more than 30 years as a Unix systems administrator, I have to say that's it's been quite a ride.

you're in a good place.

Money isn't everything.  Even living on a sailboat in the San Francisco Bay (which I did for several years) would be Heaven for some and Hell for others. Take the time to really nail down what matters to you.  Is it visibility?  Recognition?  A sense of accomplishment? A big salary?  Flexible hours?  A voice in how things are done? A stake (and a say) in the outcome of your projects?

Whatever you do, don't stop learning.  Computer skills get old fast and that isn't going to change any time soon.  Spend some time every day learning something new and get your hands on some tools that might lead to the next phase in your career.  Check the want ads from time to time even if you have no plans to change jobs -- just to keep aware of what skills are in high demand.

And put on your seat belts.  You probably can't begin to imagine how the field is going to look in another 30 years!


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