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5 indie PC games that ripple with retro intrigue

Carlos Rodela | Sept. 17, 2012
Times are tough. We're all looking to stretch our budgets, so the thought of paying $20 or more for a PC game from a commercial development studio is, well, a tough download to swallow. But in your effort to save money, you need not sacrifice winning gameplay. Independent gaming studios are releasing awesome titles--many with an addictive retro vibe--and their prices range from free to next-to-nothing. Here are five you must check out today.

One of the most notable things about this game is the ease with which it presents itself.

Playing the game always feels intuitive, and the drag-and-drop mechanics seem to work just as you think they should.

That may not sound like a lot (especially in this world of complex 3D graphics, rendering, and real-time lighting) but in an adventure game, it's everything. If how you interact with the world as you try to piece together what comes next is broken, you might not care to continue.

The aesthetic in this game is also very appealing, and the old-school graphics never seem to get in the way. The ambient sounds are great, and the overall presentation of the game had me just staring at this little world, clicking, and not coming up for air.

The game was developed by XII Games and Wadjet Eye Games, which already have released quite a few titles, including Infinity Bit, Anna, and Gemini Rue.

If you want to learn more a little more about indie games in general--what it takes to make, publish, and distribute them--check out Indie Game: The Movie. This documentary looks at two different independent game developers (Team Meat and Phil Fish) and how their lives changed during the development of indie games Super Meat Boy and Fez.


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