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Alien: Isolation review: The best, most terrifying Alien experience in nearly 30 years

Hayden Dingman | Nov. 18, 2014
"This is about survival!" a thin, twitchy guy named Axel yelled in my face, and it was at that very moment I knew he was going to die.

The story also goes off-rails near the end, as if someone at Creative Assembly realized what was there wasn't enough to prop up the game's bloated length and tried to inject new elements, but they don't work as well as hoped. An overlong spacewalk section is chief offender, but there are quite a few dismal chapters towards the conclusion that drag down an otherwise fantastic game.

Bottom line

Alien: Isolation is the best Alien experience since 1986 and Aliens. It's that simple. I've got issues with the game, particularly with the save system and the game's length, but Isolation sets itself apart with a stunning recreation of 1970's retrofuturism that captures the feel of Ridley Scott's original film better than any movie or game in almost thirty years.


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