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Amazon's pricey Kindle Oasis is worth the cost, if ...

James A. Martin | June 28, 2016
A bad experience with a refurbished Kindle Voyage ereader led reviewer James A. Martin to splurge on a brand new version of Amazon's most expensive Kindle, the Oasis. But the pricey device isn't for everyone.

As soon as my refund arrived, I splurged and bough a new Oasis. It was expensive, but Amazon lets you divide the cost into five monthly payments, with no interest. And if you purchase a Voyage and the company's Protective Cover for Kindle Voyage ($45), the total price jumps up to $245 - only $45 less than an Oasis, which comes with a cover.

The Oasis is super-light at 4.6 ounces (without the cover), and its handgrip makes it easy to hold with one hand for long periods. Kindle Oasis also has 60 percent more LED lights than Voyage, but I honestly don't see much of a difference.
Oasis has longer battery life, as well, which Amazon says lasts for "months" versus the "weeks" of its other ereaders. However, I'm not sure "months" instead of "weeks" battery life is an important advantage, because I don't plan to trek across the Australian Outback with my Kindle in the foreseeable future.  

Amazon this week made its entry-level Kindle ($79 and up) even lighter, down from 6.7 ounces to 5.7 ounces. But the basic Kindle lacks several features, including the built-in light that's found in the Paperwhite, Voyage and Oasis models.
If you can afford Oasis's steep entry price, you'll appreciate the lightest Kindle ereader ever, and if you're ready to upgrade from a basic Kindle or Paperwhite, I say go for it. If, however, you already have a Voyage, it's not worth the upgrade. And if you're considering a refurbished Kindle, well, I hope you have better luck than I did.



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