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AMD's HDMI-compatible FreeSync display teases buttery-smooth gaming for the masses

Brad Chacos | June 4, 2015
At Computex 2015, AMD revealed a prototype FreeSync panel that aims to squash one of the most notable limitations of variable refresh monitors: their reliance on DisplayPort technology.

The NX-Vue24 supports a refresh rate from 30Hz all the way up to 144Hz, so the oh-so-yummy FreeSync smoothness will be enabled no matter whether you're barely squeaking playable frame rates out of a game or pushing it to face-blistering speeds. AMD's needed a panel like this badly since FreeSync's launch.

Nvidia's G-Sync monitors, on the other hand, don't have a minimum refresh rate (though they still have a maximum). If your graphics card starts pumping out frames at perilously low rates, Nvidia's proprietary G-Sync module will double or triple frames to keep things looking smooth. You can read about some of the finer points of G-Sync's implementation in our recent look at G-Sync for laptops — a technology AMD doesn't have a rival for yet.


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