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Apple iTV release date, specs & rumours: is an Apple Television coming?

Ashleigh Allsopp | May 22, 2014
What the world is saying (making up) about the much-rumoured Apple iTV super television.

"Can we make a significant contribution, far beyond what others have done in this area? Can we make a product that we would want?"

The company has a good relationship with content owners and doesn't see the need to own a content business, Cook said, adding he has met with several people in that business recently.

Many years ago Jobs famously pooh-poohed the whole television thing, saying "TV turns your brain off, PCs turn your brain on." He was responding to the then-trendy notion of "conversion" where PCs would do TV, TVs would do PC stuff, and radios would continue to not do much at all. He even joked about a TV that makes toast. Watch the Steve Jobs on Television video, it's pretty funny.

But apart from Steve's change of mind and joy at Apple's ability to take over another industry what do we know about the forthcoming Apple Television?

This is where the facts end and rumours begin - where unnamed sources come out of the woodwork, and speculation enters the mix.

iTV rumours: What will the Apple Television look like?

Jeff Robbin, the engineer who helped create the iPod and iTunes, is apparently in charge of Apple iTV design. There's no solid evidence to suggest what the Apple Television will look like, but there sure is a lot of speculation.

There's even photos of Apple's iTV - ok, pictures of what someone adept at Photoshop thinks the iTV will/might/could look like.

Patent-watching website Patently Apple spied a new patent application from Apple lodged with the European Patent Office in August 2013 that describes a fused glass process for device housings. Jonathan Ive is listed as one of the inventors, and the patent illustrates the double-sided glass construction design on a television encased in glass using a fused-glass process.

According to Australian site UnderCurrent, which supposedly overheard a discussion in a pub, Apple and Sharp are co-producting two iTVs - 42-inch and 50-inch. Both will apparently use Sharp's Full HD Quattron technology. One (major) flaw in this report suggested that the iTV would be announced in October or November of 2013, so perhaps we shouldn't trust it

Images of the Apple Television

Cult of Mac has some "exclusive" pictures of an Apple Display showing a movie, with some current Apple technologies pasted on top (above).

The "well-placed" source, which unsurprisingly has "asked to remain anonymous", says the Apple HDTV looks like Apple's current lineup of LED-backlit Cinema Displays but is "much bigger."

The pictures, it turns out, weren't snapped by a courageous undercover reporter in a top-secret Foxconn factory (obviously). They were Photoshopped together by a designer called (wait for it) Dan Draper.


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