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Apple loses $187 in 84 days, what's to blame?

Karen Haslam | Dec. 19, 2012
Various reports are suggesting a number of reasons for the fall, including the 'lack-luster' launch of the iPhone 5 in China; declining orders experienced by Apple's supply chain; and lower than anticipated iPhone 5 demand. However, it may well be the case that investors are cashing in their shares in anticipation of the fiscal cliff

Pu added: "The most important message is 'iPhone 5 is game over,' as demand appears to be weaker than expected - i.e., US peaking, China launch just so so," reports Business Insider.

Gartner analyst Sandy Shen also suggests that Apple "is losing some steam". Shen claims Apple is no longer leading the innovation and the competition is closing in quickly and, in some cases, are ahead of Apple. "We've observed some serial iPhone users, people that have used several iPhone models, start switching to Android devices, indicating the company is losing some of its loyal users," writes Shen.

3) iPad mini cannibalization concerns

It's not only the iPhone 5 that is raising concerns. Citigroup analyst Glen Yeung notes that the iPad mini is outselling the bigger iPad, and this will affect the top and bottom line for Apple. He notes that the "strength of the iPad Mini is coming part at the expense of the iPad 4".

According to his supply chain sources: "iPad Mini production is expected to increase to 12-14 million units in the March quarter, whereas iPad 4 is expected to decrease to 5-7 million units."

He adds: "We view tablet innovation as increasingly difficult, opening room for alternative solutions to iPad and creating risk of further market share loss."

Yeung also notes that his survey shows that tablets under $300 are driving the majority of incremental demand," writes Forbes.

Future promise - television

Piper Jaffray's Gene Munster remains positive, maintaining his $900 price target on Apple, writes Business Insider.

Munster still believes the stock is going to get to $900 because of his belief that Apple has a television coming next year:

Munster isn't the only one. UBS analyst Steven Milunovich also adds that: "Apple is driven to make beautiful products. Whether it is an iTV, wearable computers, or another new product category, we have faith that innovation is not dead," reports Forbes.

Not so bad...

Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Huberty disagrees with the lack of demand theories. She says there is "strong demand" for the iPhone 5. In fact, she empnasises: "Importantly, a greater percentage of consumers plan to purchase the higher priced iPhone 5 as compared to iPhone 4S mix a year ago," notes a separate Business Insider report.

Huberty also thinks that the iPad is doing ok against the iPad mini. She claims: "Forty-seven percent of iPad mini purchases are to new customers, only slightly lower than the 56% for iPad 9.7". She suggests that this means the "cannibalization risk is manageable."

In addition Huberty thinks that Samsung's success is coming at the expence of other Android phone makers, rather than Apple.


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