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Asia Pacific governments prepare for the cloud era

Anuradha Shukla | Dec. 6, 2011
Key predictions for the government sector across the region by IDC.

Asia Pacific governments will significantly invest in infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) to prepare for the cloud era, according to an IDC Government Insights report.

The research firm's report, 'Asia/Pacific Government Insights 2012 Top 10 Predictions', aims to help government decision makers and their suppliers in 2012 for the region.  

Findings from the report indicates that information security will be a critical component in government purchases next year and proactive interaction by governments with citizens through popular social media is set to change from novelty to necessity.

Although a weak economy is still challenging the US and Europe, it will not make any significant impact on government spending and investments in the Asia Pacific region.

Next year, the governments will closely monitor the cloud best practices among public sectors across the world to define their own cloud deployment roadmap in their respective countries.

The research also shows that Bring Your Own Device trends will change the traditional function of IT and device management in governments.

Delaying online interaction

IDC Government Insights notes that while citizens today want to communicate with government representatives through the Web, several Asia Pacific governments are delaying online interaction until protective policies for security guidelines are in place.

"While keeping all senses tuned to maintain awareness of security risks until regulations and policies are finalised is good, online citizen interaction will prove critical to meet the increasing demand by citizens to address their needs and concerns 24x7," said Frank Levering, research manager, IDC Government Insights Asia/Pacific. "Ignoring their calls for interaction may not be wise in a long run."

IDC Government Insights also predicts IT security to be commoditised in 2012.

Tablets will revolutionise how education is conducted next year and Asia Pacific governments will allocate new funds to prepare city infrastructures for natural disasters and the influx of people from urban areas.


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