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Asian manufacturers mitigate supply chain risks

Anuradha Shukla | Nov. 29, 2011
Set to use predictive analytics in 2012, according to IDC Manufacturing Insights.

Asia Pacific manufacturers are putting in greater efforts to mitigate supply chain risks, according to a forthcoming IDC Manufacturing Insights report.

The focus now will be more on efficiencies and the research firm predicts greater use of predictive analytics tools among the region's manufacturers in 2012.

"Asia/Pacific Manufacturing 2012 Top 10 Predictions" indicates that Asia Pacific manufacturers will focus on producing goods where there is demand and growth in this region.

Manufacturers will have to reconfigure their product development and supply chains to meet local demand and may have an opportunity to embark on vertical integration.

"The year 2011 has been interesting. The cautious optimism that we forecast at the beginning of the year morphed into volatility as we reached the end of the year. This looks to continue into 2012, with volatility the watchword for the world economy," said Dr. Christopher Holmes, head - international, IDC Manufacturing Insights.

"From a technology perspective, we will see companies moving to clearly establish a link between technology and efficiency. These companies will be focused on driving out cost and becoming even more productive with the increased use of analytics and automation. To increase top line growth, they will also be centering their efforts on satisfying domestic demand within the region, and exploiting new business opportunities in the after sales and support market."

Reviewing new technologies

IDC Manufacturing Insights forthcoming report also indicates that in 2012, companies will increasingly invest in business intelligence (BI) and analytics (BA) to improve manufacturing processes.

Both BI and BA will support process improvements in supply chain, manufacturing operations and product development.

Manufacturers should also consider reconfiguring their product development and supply chains to meet local demand as well as review the new technologies to enhance their productivity.

The manufacturing sector in Asia Pacific is now maturing and the IT vendors should have a clear strategy on how they can assist companies to move beyond ERP.

The report also suggests that IT vendors can help manufacturers capture, store, analyse and deliver data across different functions to support decision making. 


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