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Astro A38 review: A staggering price to pay for convenience

Hayden Dingman | Jan. 19, 2015
I honestly don't even know how to rate the Astro A38. Technically it's a gaming headset, sure, but it's abundantly clear Astro doesn't really expect you to use these very often with your PC. Everything about this headset was designed with cell phones in mind, from the small form factor to the fact that it only connects through Bluetooth.

Bottom line

Listen, this isn't a slight against Astro's other products, but the A38s just aren't very good. The audio is about as good as you'll find for a Bluetooth headset, but that's like saying "This car's not bad considering it runs on half an engine."

If you're looking for a fancy alternative to earbuds and over-ear headphones for your public transit commute, then the A38s are maybe something to look into. You'll still have to deal with a finicky connection, but there's no denying it's a sleek-looking device.

But if you're going to sit down at a computer and play a game? You could pick almost any number of cheaper, better devices on the market. Hell, Astro already makes one: The A40 costs less and, with the exception of being wired, is an astronomically (GET IT?) better product.


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