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Attackers hacked Department of Energy 159 times in 4 years

Darlene Storm | Sept. 15, 2015
The DOE was attacked 1,131 times in four years; attackers breached the DOE 159 times with 53 of those cyber attacks resulting in root compromises.

Live off the grid

If you are one of those people who like to be prepared for any potential emergency - like the grid going down, you could always live off the grid in an egg-shaped Ecocapsule.

Credit: Nice Architects

Slovakian group Nice Architects designed the 14.5-foot portable pod to generate its own clean energy from the sun and wind; 600-watt solar cells cover the roof, it has a retractable 750-watt wind turbine and it even collects rainwater. Popular Science added that the pod's central computer can be controlled via a mobile device; if there is a shortage of wind or sun, the pod's brain might suggest adjusting the temperature. If a sustainable tiny house appeals to you, Ecocapsules will be available in 2016 so you can live off the grid.

Source: Computerworld


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