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AVP: Evolution is a letdown for Alien and Predator fans

Chris Holt | June 25, 2013
Despite some decent graphics and some RPG trimming, AVP: Evolution manages to disappoint on nearly every level.

AVP: Evolution leans on this terrible combat mechanic for the first few hours of the game at the expense of any kind of faithfulness to the franchise. Aliens are supposed to be stealthy, exceptionally quick killing machines, while predators are supposed to be claw wearing, laser-shooting hunters. But in this game, the two characters have minimal differences initially. Sure, the alien can climb up predetermined walls and can initiate a stealth kill at times, but that's pretty much it for the first few hours, as the game is essentially an abysmal brawler. Even when you finally get the plasma cannon for the predator, the gun is extremely underpowered and has wonky controls—you might as well forget it.

Bottom line
I got the impression that the developers saw one of the recent cinematic Aliens Vs. Predator abominations instead of the original films—the separate Alien and Predator franchises from the 1970s and 80s—and even then was only was half awake when watching it. They got much of the source material right, but the execution is awful. As an example, the Alien movies used a lot of dark lighting to hide the aliens, and the threat that they could strike anywhere was paramount to the tension. So AVP: Evolution gives you plenty of missions in darkness, but there's little chance that you can stalk and strike your prey from the shadows; in fact, the lighting is so poor that simply navigating the levels is a challenge. The monsters in AVP are both reduced to bumbling, clunky automatons; the only frightening aspect of the game is the prospect that I might have to review the inevitable sequel.


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