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Banking on WAN optimisation

Nurdianah Md Nur | Sept. 26, 2014
WAN optimisation will enable financial institutions to improve employee collaboration while ensuring that sensitive data remains secure, said Tricia Png of Silver Peak.

Financial institutions can benefit from a dedicated disaster recovery facility that is used to replicate key business data, including file and e-mail services. This can be especially crucial with the exponential increase of data and the need for institutions to increase bandwidth to accommodate demand. 

Financial institutions can also leverage WAN  optimisation as a  key enabler for data protection and server consolidation plans. Additionally, by accelerating the transfer of data between facilities, companies can improve employee collaboration while ensuring sensitive client data remains safe and secure at all times.

What is the current adoption rate of WAN optimisation in Southeast Asia and Asia?
Asia-Pacific has been forecasted to emerge as the fastest growing market worldwide, with an estimated compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 10.3 percent. Growth in the region has been driven by strong economic development, increasing entrepreneurship, and with a parallel rise in business activity, rising investments in cutting-edge enterprise IT technologies, and the exponential growth of SMEs. These trends have led to the rise of the mobile workforce and the subsequent need to establish 24/7 communications between enterprises and employees in remote/branch offices.

As for Southeast Asia, WAN optimisation is set to become even more essential to the success of IT as more enterprises in the region embrace SaaS services.

Can you tell us more about the factors hindering and encouraging the adoption of WAN optimisation (eg. big data and cloud)?
WAN optimisation has been around even before the rise of big data and the cloud. However, similar to the nascent stages of cloud adoption, there has been a general lack of awareness and education about modern WAN optimisation technology that is led by software-defined networking. As businesses in the region play catch up to their Western counterparts by leveraging cloud, big data and virtualisation, they are also expected to explore ways to optimise the enterprise network.

WAN optimisation plays a critical role in Asia as the region does not have consistent network connectivity and is prone to natural disasters. By providing unabated transfer rates, the technology can help improve business connectivity and productivity, enhance big data deployments, and help meet back up requirements.

Also,  with  many  cloud  SaaS  applications  being  hosted  in Western  regions, WAN optimisation plays a critical role is overcoming the WAN connectivity challenges associated with accessing those applications from Asia Pacific countries.

What factors should financial institutions take into consideration before embracing WAN optimisation?
Due  to  the  nature  of  the  industry,  banks  and  other  financial  institutions inevitably  collect  more  sensitive  data  than  other  organisations. As such, stricter disaster recovery and backing up protocols have to be in place to minimise losses arising from the breach or loss of data. Financial  institutions have to consider  how effectively  the WAN optimisation  vendor can help meet their  recovery  point  objective  (RPO),  which  is  a  crucial  element  of  any  disaster recovery plan.


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